How to remove unicourt

Unicourt is a legal research platform that provides access to court records and case information. If you want to remove your information or a specific case from Unicourt, you generally have two options:

  1. Contact Unicourt Support:

    • Visit the Unicourt website and navigate to their "Contact Us" or "Support" page.

    • Look for an email address, phone number, or contact form to reach their support team.

    • Send them a request explaining your situation and the specific information or case you would like to have removed.

    • Be polite and provide any necessary details, such as the case number or URL, to help them locate and remove the information.

  2. Contact the Court:

    • In some cases, you may need to contact the court directly to request that your case information be sealed or restricted. This typically applies to sensitive cases like those involving minors or victims of certain crimes.

    • Identify the specific court where the case was filed and find their contact information on the court's website or by calling their clerk's office.

    • Explain your situation and request that they restrict access to the case information or seal the record.

    • Keep in mind that not all cases are eligible for sealing, and the court's decision may vary depending on the nature of the case.

It's important to note that public court records are generally considered public information, and their availability is subject to state and federal laws. Certain types of cases or information may be more challenging to have removed or restricted. Additionally, Unicourt may have its own policies and procedures for handling removal requests, so be sure to check their website for specific instructions.

Always be prepared to provide relevant information, such as the case number or details, to assist in the removal process. Keep in mind that the process may take some time, and you may need to follow up with Unicourt or the court if necessary.